Hi and welcome to my blog! My name’s Olachi.

I’m a Miami-bred, Gainesville based blogger who often enthuses over the arts and humanities and captures her adoration for the two with the written word. Miscellaneous specifics about me range from being: an aspiring sports journalist at The University of Florida, an avid cultivator of communication, pop culturally aware, a supporter of all things basketball (specifically, LeBron James related), and a fairly recent addition to the wonderful world of blogging.

Like so many women, I adore all things fashion and shopping (primarily of the thrifting sort). I’m especially inspired by the ’90s era fashion trend, although sometimes, I take it further back to the ’80s and ’70s. After indulging in several other fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs as a way to read up on the latest trends in the world, I decided to join in.

Olachi Speaks, my newest and most cherished artistic project, is a space for dialogue and exploration around new and existing ideas primarily chronicling beauty, makeup, skincare, fashion finds and the occasional random musing on one or two of my everyday interests.

Hope you stick around!

Much Love,